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Although skin flare-up affects everyone in different ways, we think you'll find that many of the things you are going through are similar to those other people have experienced. With this in mind, we've collected together some personal stories from eczema sufferers about the effect that skin flare-up has had on their lives, and how Eumovate Eczema & Dermatitis Cream has helped them to bring it under control.

Jenny works as a customer service representative in East London. She has suffered from eczema all her life, but it has worsened since she moved to England from the Caribbean.
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My skin is really sensitive to changes in the weather. I tend to get skin flare-up on my back once or twice a year, but it's more likely to happen during the winter. Sometimes I come home late after a hard day at work and all I want to do is unwind, but my skin can be really irritable, and it stops me from relaxing or going to sleep.

I was recommended to try Eumovate and have been very satisfied with it ever since.

As well as changes in the weather, my skin flare-up can also be triggered by stress. For instance, last March I was doing my dissertation for my postgraduate degree and I was quite stressed out. This caused my skin to flare-up, but I applied Eumovate and it was soon under control. It made my skin look so much better and helped make the dry, itchy patches disappear.

I always make sure I have a tube handy, just in case my skin flares up. And on those days when I don't use Eumovate, I use Eumo base as a moisturiser.

Sarah works as a counsellor in a private practice. She's also doing a PhD in counselling and has 3 grown-up daughters who all live at home. She's suffered from eczema since childhood.
The photograph is of a model.

When I was younger I used to get patches of eczema on the backs of my legs. But as I grew older, the worst part was actually on my wrist and on my hands, and I sometimes got little patches on the tops of my arms.

I've always been conscious that my eczema may be unpleasant to look at - particularly if it's on my hands - but usually it appears on places I can cover up. I can't say that it's made me lose confidence or anything like that. More than anything, it just really annoys me.

I can usually sense when I'm about to have a skin flare-up, but I'm not sure what the exact triggers are. A friend of mine recommended I try Eumovate and it seemed to take that rawness and tenderness away pretty quickly. It also helped to prevent my skin from cracking again.

Now I find it reassuring and useful to keep a tube in the house. And if I go on holiday, I always pack some just in case my skin flares up.

Washing-up or hand washing clothes has always been a problem. Usually I try to avoid putting my hands in water, but I hate wearing rubber gloves. I know they protect you but I find they actually aggravate my hands because they are very sweaty.

One time I did put my hands in water without gloves on and they became very dry and some of the skin cracked, making it really sore. But after a couple of applications of Eumovate, my hands started to heal and were much less painful.

Anne is an administration manager in Derbyshire. She is married with two children and suffers from scaly dermatitis.

I get skin flare-up around my neck area every 2 weeks or so. My skin gets very scaly and really itchy and it makes me feel pretty uncomfortable - if people are talking to me, I can see their eyes automatically straying to the red areas.

There were stages when it was really bad before I had tried the cream. It became quite embarrassing to go out. So when it cleared my skin flare-up I was just so relieved.

Now I apply some Eumovate cream as soon as I feel a skin flare-up coming on. Initially it takes the irritation away and then it clears up the scalyness as well.

Les is 49 and works as a team leader on a night shift for a finance company. He enjoys travelling and socialising with friends and family. He's been suffering from eczema for ten years.

I get flare-up on the inside of my elbows once every couple of months or so. I think it's normally caused by stress, but I get annoyed with it because it makes my skin itchy, blotchy and very dry. Sometimes the itching drives me mad.

I'd tried so many different creams, but then I started using Eumovate. It really works for me - I find it takes the redness away and I like being able to just put it on the areas that are affected, rub it in and in a few days the problem's gone. The redness disappears, it stops itching and my skin looks normal again.